Hello. We’re Swarm, a bunch of pragmatic punks with some ideas.

We are an agency, admittedly. With its creative skills, consultations and expertises. But we are more than that, we want to take you to the evolution of the advertising & marketing world. Not to get in front of it, nor anticipating it, nor forcing it, it’ll be too presumptuous. We want to take our clients to an advertising world where the rules are changing everyday; where the audience is king.

As big data is dominating, advertising & marketing shows themselves intrusive as ever, predators, with behaviours as various as condensed… We believe in the idea more than ever. An idea in movement, creative, useful, grasping the focus and follows the usages.

Words we live by.

Take the habit of losing it.

Our latest work from Paris & Barcelona

La Sardine Sonore

La Sardine Sonore

Dark Side of the Room

Dark Side of the Room

Hardis Group </br> Brand Reveal </br>

Hardis Group
Brand Reveal

Eyesee </br> Hardis Group </br>

Hardis Group

Nabuchodonosor </br> RBS 6 Nations </br>

RBS 6 Nations

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A term so broad yet so precise. It is the definition of what makes us human.

Aux 4 Groins – Jean Claude Dreyfus

Aux 4 Groins – Jean Claude Dreyfus

<!--Mandela--> Festival


Hardis Group </br> Watthealth </br>

Hardis Group